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Welcome Friends!

Our first book 
The Letter is


Can you relate to my story?

If so, remember you are never to blame for things that happened. 

You are special.

You are loved.

You will be a fighter.

And you are not alone.

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Buy your copy by clicking HERE!

About Annie

I'm Annie. They say I'm a firecracker, a feisty young girl.  But I'm just me.  I enjoy  going on adventures.


Do you?


I can't wait until we have our first adventure together. 

Meet Our Friends

Hello! It's Annie again. I would like for you to meet my friends. My sidekick and main puppy squeeze is Maggie.  I live with my Mawmaw and Pawpaw. I hang out with my friend Robert and there's a new girl at school Mindy.  

Giving For The Cause

Help us spread Annie's message to as many kids living in Appalachia and to others outside the hill country.  We cannot do it without your support. 

Contact us

We would love to hear from you.
Kids please share your Appalachian Adventure and look for our first Challenge on the What's New Kiddos. 

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