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Meet Our Friends


Maggie is Annie's trusty side kick who follows her everywhere. Maggie is loyal and comes alive when Annie opens 
her imagination.  Maggie's red handkerchief has a special meaning. You'll find out when you read about the shoot out
between the deadly Baldwin Felts and the coal miners during the Battle of Blair Mountain.  



Mindy is a Latino girl that moves into Annie's neighborhood and sits next to Annie in class.  Annie is not sure what to make of Mindy. 
She has never met anyone from Mexico. There's more to come in this relationship as
Annie realizes Mindy has a parent with an addiction too. 

Mawmaw and Pawpaw

Annie's saving grace are her loving and caring grandparents.  They try to give Annie solid roots to plant in the ground so that she can heal from her past and grow into the person she is meant to be. 



Robert has been a friend of Annie's ever since she can remember. When Annie and her Mom visited Annie's grandparents, she would go and play with Robert and his brother and sisters.  As the only African American family in town, Annie's Mom is friends with Robert's Mom.  This shows Annie to befriend anyone who is a good person, no matter their skin color.

Annie's Mom


Annie's Mom loves Annie to the moon and back.  She has fostered Annie's vast imagination and creativity. 
Unfortunately, she struggles with a substance abuse disorder that has been a huge heartache. 
Courageously, she has taken the steps to seek help and is a role model for Annie to seek help with her emotions. 


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