What's New Kiddo?

It's a Different Time Right Now

Bee on Flower

You have probably been home from school for months by now due to the
quarantine. Soon your school year will be wrapping up. You may feel
excited for no more school work! And you may feel sad about it. 
You did not get to hug your friends on that last day or watch movies
with your favorite teachers. It's okay to feel sad because those things
are losses. 

You may miss your friends and your family members.  You
may find yourself bored when it's raining outside. Just know that
these times show us the meaning of sunny days, hugs from good
friends, time spent with family, and that maybe, just maybe school
isn't so bad. Life has to be sad sometimes so that we appreciate the
happy times. And remember the sun will shine soon, the moon will
lighten up the night sky, and this too shall pass. 

First Challenge!

Go in your backyard and take three nature photos. Let me know what the photos mean to you.  Email them to Curiouskiddosedu@gmail.com

Watch the site to see if one of  your photos appear in the
What's New Kiddo Page. 

Book Reading at Cherry River Elementary School 
Summer Boost Camp

Thank you so much for inviting Annie to your Summer Boost Camp!
Our Zoom readings have been the highlight
of my summer!

According to one listener, "When you read your book to my summer camp I felt so much more prouder about where I live. I feel that Annie is relatable in so many ways. I liked the book so much I wanted to learn more so I when to the website. I read about Annie’s mom and I would love to learn more about her. You are so inspiring. You show me that you do not have to be famous to make a difference. Thank you so much for your stories I can’t wait for the next one!"

Zoom Annie.JPG

The photo above is a Zoom reading accompanied with a Google slide presentation for Cherry River Elementary School. 

Once again another wonderful Zoom reading with
Cherry River Elementary School!
Thank you so much for listening to my latest story and
giving such insightful feedback.
I just love spending time with these
bright light bulbs

B&W Bulb